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Calla Lily Bouquet

Most flowers given as gifts are cut from the trees or plants. Calla Lily is a flower both cut and used in bouquets and given as a living potted plant gift. The most common meanings of this bloom include resurrection and rebirth, faith and purity. Our flower shop have many brighten color of Calla Lilies, aside from the classic white, we also have brighten yellow, dark purple and pink. Different color have their own meaning: bright yellow for representing joy, growth, and change; dark purple for royalty and strength; pink for admiration and flirting and dark red for passion. Calla lilies make appropriate gifts for many religious holidays, aside from those occasions, consider giving the gift of the flowers for the birth of a new baby or a child’s birthday. You can also celebrating a loved one’s success at study and work with a bunch of yellow Calla Lilies.

Pretty Woman Pretty Woman
-12 %
Brand: Hong Kong Flower Shop Model: HKF-2853
A Wonderful Calla Lily from New Zealand, 10 pcs Pink Color Cally Lily Bouquet for a wonderful Lady ..
HK$1,380.00 HK$1,210.00
Brand: Hong Kong Flowers Supplier Model: HKG-2875
15 Stems Purple Color Calla Lily in Cube Vase If you're looking for an elegant calla lily bouquet for a very special lady, that is unique and interesting, our Anqelique deep color calla lily bouquet is perfect for you. A stunning arrangement of the highest quality fresh calla lily from New Zealand,..
The Yellow Sienna The Yellow Sienna
-19 %
Brand: Hong Kong Flowers Supplier Model: HKF-3594
Yellow Sienna contain 20 Yellow Rose, 10 billy button and yellow flowers beautifully wrapped in light white color papers ..
HK$1,330.00 HK$1,080.00
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